Mining economy showing signs of recovery

The following article and image have been re-produced from the West Australian, published on Monday, 13 March 2017.

Slim pickings for rock kickers

By: Josh Chiat

The rest of the mining economy seems to have put the worst of the recession behind it.

Rock kickers laid off in WA’s mining downturn are yet to see the benefits of last year’s price recovery in gold and iron ore, according to the Australian Institute of Geoscientists.

The AIG’s quarterly employment survey, to be released this week, shows job prospects for geoscientists declined in the December quarter after six months of growth.

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Transferring your accomplishments to your resume

One of the keys to a successful job application is a detailed listing of accomplishments in a candidate’s resume. Not only does this allow your resume to stand out, but it also helps you by providing clear talking points for your interview. Each of us, in all the jobs we have had during our careers, have accomplished many things that were important to the companies we worked for. These accomplishments are the evidence that we can work effectively, that we can and do use our skills to good advantage.

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Stage Fright – Overcoming Interview Jitters

You’ve got through pre-screening and the telephone interview stage.  Now it’s time for the formal interview.  Often qualified candidates reach this stage comfortably, only to be overwhelmed by the face to face interview process. Nervousness, anxiety and a general fear of the interaction can result in not representing yourself at your optimal best.  It is possible to suffer from Stage Fright – a similar fear that is shared by many performers and public speakers that arises from being judged by someone or being the centre of attention.

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The best way to position your references for success

It is important to resolve the issue of references at the start of your job search so that it will not cause undue anxiety. Typically, your former employers and associates will not intend to say anything particularly negative however, you want them to confirm positive achievements in your past roles which support your career and job search goals.

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Time for a new job? How to find the job of your choice

Wish list

You’ve come to the realisation that you’re over your current job! Be it a lack of advancement, unhappiness with the company or simply unmotivated by the work, it’s time to face the reality that continuing in the role is not beneficial for you as well as your employer. Many struggle to get to this point, fearing change and insecurity with the unknown and therefore holding on to something that’s not productive. But having got here, what now?

A lot of people who are looking for a new role or a career change often have difficulty in figuring out what they want for their next role. After all, you don’t want something similar to your current role because you know it’s a matter of time before the work starts to become the familiar demotivating situation you’re currently facing. Here’s a quick exercise that’s worth considering to ensure you have a fair idea about that next step.

Write Your Own Advertisement

Writing your own job advertisement can assist you in clarifying what is most important to you in your next role. This format is not dissimilar to the one employers use to formulate their advertisements.

List your own criteria for the job of your choice:

Mandatory/Essential Criteria:

  • Salary not below $
  • Workplace safety 

Highly Desirable Criteria:

  • Promotion opportunities

Wouldn’t it be nice:

  • Located 15 minutes from home

Knowing and listing these criteria will help you choose and prioritise the roles that you come across in your job search. For many people, focusing on what you truly want is no easy task. It may require a lot of thought and some soul searching. Nonetheless, it’s very important in your career transition, so give it the time it deserves.