How can you help employees deal with the Christmas rush?

Our forums on Employee Wellbeing revealed the many challenges faced by both managers and employees with regard to workplace stress. In the article below, WorkPro shares some tips on how to effectively deal with workplace stress during the time leading up to Christmas.

Christmas is just around the corner, and already businesses across the country are preparing to deal with the rush of shoppers that will inevitably flood the stores.

According to Roy Morgan’s annual Christmas retail sales forecasts conducted in conjunction with the Australian Retailers Association (ARA), Australians will spend nearly $51.5 billion across retail stores during the Christmas trading period from November 9-December 24 (46 days).

Of course, your employees will be the ones largely bearing the brunt of the holiday rush. What can you do to help your staff better cope in these busy times?

1. Ensure they know how to manage their stress

Stress is an all too common by-product of the modern business world, with Safe Work Australia finding that it costs Australian companies more than $10 billion every single year. What’s more, this mental pressure can be further compounded when employees are faced with the big crowds typically associated with Christmas shopping.

You can help minimise the risks by ensuring that your staff are aware of how they can reduce stress in the workplace to better cope with the demands of the job.


Stress in retail


2. Maintain employee morale

In times of chaos at work, it’s important that those at the top employ strategies to keep morale high across the workforce. This is an art itself, and there are many ways to boosting confidence amongst your staff, but Forbes contributor Cheryl Conner surmised that there are six key elements to it:

  1. Be empathetic
  2. Recognise and reward good performance
  3. Create a fun company culture
  4. Consider providing additional non-monetary benefits
  5. Look internally first when promoting
  6. Ensure employees understand and appreciate the company’s vision

3. Make sure you have sufficient staff

Arguably the best ways to help your employees deal with the Christmas rush is to ensure that you have enough staff on hand. Historically, getting people into temporary jobs quickly has been challenging, but thanks to web-based staff induction services, the process is now simpler than ever. Hiring sufficient workers to accommodate the busy period will help you provide better customer service while also keeping your existing employees more satisfied and stress free.

Find out more information on how to effectively deal with workplace stress and our forms covering employee wellbeing.

The End of An Era

After a wonderful ten years, my term as the President of the RCSA Board has come to an end. With a new breed of members now on board, I am excited to pass on the baton, confident that the fresh and innovative ideas they have will continue leading the industry to great new heights. It really is an exciting time to be part of such a credible industry body. As you can imagine, I was incredibly humbled by an article published on rcsanews.comRCSA President Proudly Crosses the Finish Line After Ten Years  about my tenure as President. Thank you RCSA, it’s been a pleasure!


How to handle unconscious bias at work

A few years ago when Youtube launched the video upload feature in their app, they were surprised to notice that 5-10% of videos uploaded were appearing upside-down. How could there be a knowledge gap in such a simple process? What the research showed was that Google developers had unintentionally created the app for right-handed users. With the help of unconscious bias, Google had developed an app with right-handed users in mind and didn’t realise that phones were usually rotated 180 degrees when held in a person’s left hand. (1)

While race, gender and age are often associated with unconscious bias, in reality it covers a broader spectrum. So what is unconscious bias and what can we do about it?

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Mining economy showing signs of recovery

The following article and image have been re-produced from the West Australian, published on Monday, 13 March 2017.

Slim pickings for rock kickers

By: Josh Chiat

The rest of the mining economy seems to have put the worst of the recession behind it.

Rock kickers laid off in WA’s mining downturn are yet to see the benefits of last year’s price recovery in gold and iron ore, according to the Australian Institute of Geoscientists.

The AIG’s quarterly employment survey, to be released this week, shows job prospects for geoscientists declined in the December quarter after six months of growth.

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Transferring your accomplishments to your resume

One of the keys to a successful job application is a detailed listing of accomplishments in a candidate’s resume. Not only does this allow your resume to stand out, but it also helps you by providing clear talking points for your interview. Each of us, in all the jobs we have had during our careers, have accomplished many things that were important to the companies we worked for. These accomplishments are the evidence that we can work effectively, that we can and do use our skills to good advantage.

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